Saloon Stock Cars

Two foms of Saloon Stock Cars appear at the Norfolk Arena - 2L Stock Cars and 1300 Stock Cars.

Mention the words "Stock Cars" to anyone and Saloon Stock Cars are inevitably the image that is conjoured up in their minds. These are battle scarred chariots carrying heavy offensive and defensive armouring, where full contact racing is most definetly the name of the game.

Saloon Stock Cars are occasionally conroversial, very hard hitting, contact racing and not for the feint hearted as cars hit, spin and often roll!

The 2L Stock Cars see Sierras and Sapphires being universally regognised as the first choice of donor car. All cars are powered by the 2L Ford Pinto Engine.

The 1300 Stock Cars are a rapidly growing class which provides similar action to the 2L Stock Cars. Fitted with outside ironwork which enables drivers to keep their cars looking smart whilst still getting involved in plenty of spectacular Stock Car action. The control tyre introduced several years ago has seen even closer competition in the last decade.

Both forms of Saloon Stock Car Racing are great formulas which produce lots of close, exciting full contact racing with big fields of cars.

Click here for 2012 Licence Application Form and 2012 Rules for the 2L Stock Cars.

Click here to download a 2012 Licence Form for the 1300 Stock Cars and here to download the 2012 Rules for Trackstar 1300 Stock Cars

Click  2012 ORCi Safety Equipment Spec.pdf (274,2 kB)  to download important safety rules which are important to all formulas

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