As the name suggests, Banger Racing is a full contact, crushing formula. This is the last stop on the line that leads to the car crusher for somebody's one time pride and joy, which has just failed the dreaded MOT test. Needless to say this is not just a contact formula but destruction is actively encouraged. Cars race, crash and are regularly destroyed. Indeed destroying the opposition is often the preferred objective rather than just winning the race you have entered.

Trackstar run several classes of Bangers.

The big league spectacular Unlimited Bangers are a popular part of the scene with the high powered  Ford Granadas taking on the Jaguars, big Datsuns, Rovers and various other "material" on a  grand scale.

Most Banger Racingthough is in the limited range with an engine limit of 2000cc. Just as spactacular as the Unlimiteds but easier for the drivers to obtain and transport. (No Granadas or larger cars in this class). The most popular cars in the 2Ls are the Cortina and Sierra although a wide variety of cars are seen at meetings.

The 1600 BangerStox see drivers race full contact Bangers in the smaller cars whilst Micro Bangers allow the smaller cars to be utilised.

Many Banger meetings end with a Destruction Derby where the winner is the last car moving which is always popular.

We also run many novelty events including Caravan Racing, Reliant Robins, Bus & Coach Racing, Large Vans and many other events which often have to be seen to be believed. Check the Photo Galleryand the fixture list for details!

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Click here to download the 2012 Banger Rules - Please check below for supplenentary information on what cars are allowed to be used in each of the domestic TSR classes.

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(Taken from MOT Brake Weight Chart)

Unlimited Bangers


  • Minimum weight 1450kg – No Upper Weight
  • Lightest car allowed is a Mk 3 / Mk 4 Granada
  • All cars to be rear wheel drive with the exception of Yanks which may be front wheel drive
  • Standard engines – No tuning allowed
  • Engine swaps permitted
  • Yanks allowed
  • (Mondeos, Cortinas, Sierras, Bluebirds etc not allowed)


TSR Domestic Classes


2 Litre Bangers


  • Guideline weight range for this formula is 1100kg – 1560kg on the MOT Brake Weight Chart (ORC National Banger middle weight range)
  • Regardless of the weight range above, the following cars over 1100kg are NOT allowed in 2L Bangers because of the safety risk associated with their smaller size – Alfa Romeo 33, Austin Maestro, Citroen Xsara/ZX, Daewoo Nexia/Lanos, Fiat Bravo/Brava/Tipo, Ford Escort/Orion, Honda Ballade, Honda Civic Shuttle, Hyundai Accent/Pony, Lada Riva, Mazda 323, Mitsubishi Colt, Mitsubishi Lancer, Morris Ital/Marina, Nissan Sunny/100 NX, Peugeot 206/306, Proton Persona, Renault 19/Megane, Rover 213/216 (Early square model), Rover 25/200, Seat Ibiza/Malaga, Skoda Felicia, Suzuki Baleno, Talbot Horizon/Solara, Vauxhall Astra/Belmont, Volkswagon Golf.
  • The following cars at the upper end of the weight range are not allowed in 2L Bangers because they are more suitable for Unlimited Banger Racing – Ford Consul/Granada/Scorpio/Zephyr/Zodiac, Mercedes, Toyota Cressida, Volvo 1- Series, 2- Series and 7- Series
  • Special notes – The only 5 Series BMW which falls into the above weight range and may be used is the early E28 series 518 / 520. Nissan Laurel (C31 and C32 series) may be used but not earlier Datsun Laurel 6 or Datsun 200L. Honda Civic must be 1992 model year or later (EG series onwards) and be 4/5 door models (including Estate/Aerodeck models).
  • Standard engines – no tuning allowed.
  • Any car may use a 2 Litre Pinto, Zetec or Duratec engine as long as this is the same size or smaller than the original. Other engine swaps must be from the same manufacturer (e.g. Vauxhall – Vauxhall, Toyota – Toyota etc).


1500cc Bangers


A number of drivers have asked for clarification about what cars may be used in Under 1500cc Bangers at King’s Lynn in 2012.  When it was first introduced a few years ago the Under 1500cc specification was pretty simple but the progression of available cars has resulted in some models now being used as Bangers which meet the original specification but which are having to be excluded from the 1500cc class because their use is considered potentially dangerous when these cars are evaluated against some of the weaker cars traditionally used in the class which are still widely available.


The basics of the class are still the same as they always were:


  • Any car to be used must have been made with an engine option of 1500cc or smaller
  • Any car to be used must be larger than permitted in the Micro Banger class at King’s Lynn
  • Engine limit is 1600cc (twin cam and 16 valve allowed) but the limit for Cortina and Capri is 1300cc crossflow or Kent engine


Cars conforming to the above three rules but specifically excluded from the class are:


  • Any car belonging to the A60 family of vehicles
  • Ford Focus


Cars not meeting the above specification but still allowed in the Under 1500cc class because of their unsuitability for use in 2 Litre Bangers are as follows:


  • Daewoo Lanos
  • Nissan 100NX


Although this list is not exhaustive (particularly for older models which are unlikely to be used but may still be permitted), a listing of cars suitable for Under 1500cc Bangers is provided below.  Anything not listed below should be checked with the TSR office beforehand:







Alfa Romeo



Maestro, Montego


BX, Xsara, ZX


Lanos, Nexia


Brava, Bravo, Regata, Tempra, Tipo


Capri, Cortina, Escort, Orion, Puma, Sierra




Ballade, Civic (1988 onwards), Concerto, Integra


Accent, Pony, X2


Mentor, Shuma


Riva, Samara


323, 323F


Colt, Lancer


Ital, Marina


100NX, Almera, Cherry, Stanza, Sunny


206, 306, 309, 405


1.3, 1.5, Persona, Wira


19, Megane


25, 200, 213, 214, 216, 45, 400, 414, 416


Ibiza, Malaga


Estelle, Favorit, Felicia




Horizon, Solara






Astra, Cavalier


Golf, Jetta


340, 343



Micro Bangers


  • 1400cc Maximum
  • Although this list is not exhaustive (particularly for older models which are unlikely to be used but may still be permitted), a listing of cars suitable for Under 1500cc Bangers is provided below.  Anything not listed below should be checked with the TSR office beforehand:

Austin - A30 / A35 / A40 (Farina only NOT Somerset or Cambridge) / 1100 / 1300 / Allegro / Metro
Chevrolet – Matiz
Citroen - 2CV / Dyane / AX / Saxo / Visa / C1
Daewoo - Matiz
Daihatsu - Charade
Datsun - 100A (Cherry)
Fiat - Panda / Punto / Uno / 126 / 127 / Cinquecento
Ford - Fiesta / Ka / Popular 100E / Anglia
Hillman - Imp
Honda - Civic (1st generation 1972-1979 only)
Kia – Pride / Picanto
Lada - Samara
Mazda - 121
Morris - 1100 / 1300 / Minor
Nissan – Micra / Pixo
Peugeot – 104 / 105 / 106 / 205
Renault - 4 / 5 / 6 / 10 / Clio / Modus
Riley - Elf
Rover - 100 (Metro shape not p4!)
Skoda – Favorit (not Estate)
Smart Car
Subaru - Vivio
Suzuki – Swift / Wagon R
Talbot - Samba
Toyota – Starlet / Aygo
Vauxhall - Nova / Corsa / HA Viva / Chevette
Volkswagen - Polo / Beetle / Fox
Wolseley - Hornet

  • Excluded (too large) include Triumph Acclaim, Ford Escort, Astra, Fiat Tipo, Nissan Cherry, Hyundai Pony and similar
  • Distributer guards may be fitted to Mini and Metro only
  • Please contact  the TSR office to check cars not listed as eligible to race








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