BriSCA F1 & F2 Stock Cars

Unlimited power is the keyword for BriSCA F1 Stock Cars - Described by BBC2s "Yop Gear" as being "the most powerful form of racing cars racing regularly in Europe", they literally make the stands shake when they appear at the Norfolk Arena.

BriSCA F1 has a direct connection to the origins of UK Stock Car Racing back in 1954 and the spectactlur form of entertainment they produce attracts a massive and loyal following wherever they appear.

The racing is fast and tought and attracts the cream of Europe's Stock Car talent.

There are no engine rule or constraints - bigger really is better, and tuned American V8s rule the roost - predominently Chevrolet Big Block or Small Blocks. Anything from 5.7 Litre to 10.2 Litres producing around 600 bhp.

The minimum weight is 1350kg and maximum 1450kg. In addition there are strict weights on the weight distribution from side to side and front to rear. The cars themselves are surrounded by huge bumpers and big iron bars and as this suggests contact between the cars is allowed and you will be amazed when you see these giany monsters hurtling around the track knocking each other out of the way.

Big fields of cars huarantee none stopo action from the drop of the green until the chequered with cars often htting the fence hard and rolling over.

As against Grand Prix Racing, where the fastest driver starts at the front and often goes on to win a processional race, Stock Car Racing sees the fastest drivers start at the back and they only have 6 laps to force their way to the front!

F2 Stock Car Racing takes all of the principles of F1 but the cars are slightly smaller and powered by 2L engines. Vehicle weight is around 450 Kilos, with a chassis constructed of both section and tubular steel.

Like F1 Stock Cars, big fields of cars produce lots of action packed racing with the F2 Stock Cars.


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