2L Banger Rear Wheel Drive


Whilst the 2-litre bangers have had a couple of meetings here at King’s Lynn in recent weeks, those were raced under standard 2-litre rules, which nowadays basically means anything as long as it’s a Mondeo! Although de rigueur in those meetings, the Mondeo is becoming increasingly unpopular amongst drivers and fans alike – hence the increasing number of non-Mondeo and rear-wheel drive only meetings on the fixture list.

148 Shorty always goes well in the 2L Banger Rear Wheel Drive sessions

Saturday will be the latter and gives us a chance to indulge ourselves in how 2-litre bangers used to be when the formula started in the mid-1990s. With Cortinas, late Granadas, Scorpios, Sierras and the odd Capri, there should be plenty of sideways action. And with slightly lower speeds and less strong cars on track, it might draw out drivers who have some classic “tin” in stock that’s maybe a bit too rotten or slow for conventional meetings.

Will 280 Simon Goodale and the other Bad News pilots find something different for Saturday?

Whilst the entry is not massive, we should indeed see a few interesting cars with the later (and lighter!) Nissan Laurel models being used by no less than two drivers being  148 Shorty and 715 Mick Prince.  557 Paranoid usually digs out something out of the ordinary for these sessions and 601 Bling will be at the wheel of a Mk3 Granada Limo which bizarrely have proved to be a popular choice for this meeting in the past as well despite their relative rarity. 

2L Banger Rear Wheel Drive action

The presence of 27 Will Longford and 280 Slick on the booking list may mean something a bit different from the Bad News stockpile and with 684 Jay Ruddock also booked to race, we may even see his smart Cortina having another outing and not waiting for the all Cortina session in a couple of months’ time!  We certainly weren’t expecting any of those to race this year…


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