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Big league Unlimited Banger Racing returns to the Norfolk Arena this Saturday. This is the first time that a mid May meeting has been run for the Unlimited Bangers at Lynn and for a date which is a big rarity in this day and age - an Unlimited Banger domestic date - it is very pleasing indeed to have around 60 Big Bangers booked in.


611 Joe Geeves is in action in the White & Yellow Final

The White & Yellow Series Finalf for 2011 belatedly takes place this Satuday and it is good to see a number of TSR banger drivers from other disciplines having a go in the Unlimited cars which they are not normally familiar with.

266 Callum Hall will also be in action in the White & Yellow race

The grid for the White & Yellow Final based on drivers currently booked in appears below. Please note that any drivers who are hoping to race in the final and that are not currently booked to race must do so to get their place on the grid!


Inside Row Outside
851 Adam Storr 1 639 Paul Vines
90 Simon Chapman 2 282 Bobby Daniels
425 Martin Stopher 3 695 Mark Mason
611 Joe Geeves 4 579 Gary Beecham
292 Keith Saunders 5  
597 Andy Ashman 6 280 Simon Goodale
790 Nathan Young 7 79 Ricky Twel
399 Jonny Atkins 8 69 Jonny Wilkinson
266 Callum Hall 9 81 Ashley Bell
277 Des Owen 10 230 Dean Moljourd
791 Nick Young 11 88 Lyndon Stark
313 John Cullingford 12  


Most of the usuals are expected to race in the meeting tonight with former BBA World Cup Champion 148 Shorty in action, as is the driver who took his title away last month, 67 Sparky.  Amongst the more unusual drivers to see at a Lynn Unlimited meeting are welcome outings here for 116 No Luck Nat, 88 Lyndon Stark, 150 Andrew Parrin and 90 Simon Chapman who was campaigning a Mondeo here a couple of weeks ago taking a Heat win before the overheated engine decided it wasn’t going to go any further.

79 Ricky Twell will lead the Predators into action.

As far as team contributions go, we have a higher than normal number of Mad Hatters in action for an Unlimited session which is great to see and there is also a strong entry from both Bad News and the Mr Men and with a decent number of Predators and Team Black both booked in, we shouldn’t be short of a crash or two as the night progresses.  If the teams do go to war, then we could see a few different faces taking the spoils of victory and who would bet against the likes of former saloon man (and now increasingly regular Banger driver) 5 Mo Crowson powering to a win or perhaps 86 Charlie Haller or 168 Calvyn Girling who makes his first Lynn trip for 2012.

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