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Saturday night sees the latest instalment of action in what has so far been a very exciting season in 1300 Stock Cars at the Norfolk Arena. 

The 1300 Stock Cars were last in action at Kings Lynn when  white tops 381 Liam Easter and 276 Wally Walden won the heats before British Champion 216 Dan Booth came from the back of the grid to win the meeting final. Currently all of the Easter trophy winners are booked to race again this weekend with the exception of 381 Liam. 

However we are expecting some different race winners on Saturday as the first new grades of 2012 come into effect. 276 Wally rises to blue and amongst the drivers remaining at the white grade, 177 Chris Masters and 209 Jonny Pearce have probably looked the most likely to win so far this season and Saturday could well be their moment. 653 Gemma Rainer has also led her fair share of laps but has had some pretty big crashes including at Easter when a hard hit on the home straight on a fairly wet track saw the car deviate straight into the plating rather hard. 


177 Chris Masters could be amongst the race winners this satrday

Also looking very useful are a number of drivers that have dropped to the yellow grade including 208 Les Pearce, 18 Stuart Parnell and 142 The Monster who all look to be undergraded based on their past performances.  Realistically, they should be seeking to bring in a significant stash of points this grading period and don’t be surprised to see 235 Danny Rainer also going very well from yellow as he has shown plenty of speed whilst running from white. 


142 Lee Farrell will be looking to take advantage of a drop down to yellow in the new grade changes


At the back of the grid, 216 Boothy and 673 Ole Smiler have shown impressive form so far in 2012 and they have been coming through the grids consistently to score plenty of points and it is also nice to see 447 Richard Hampshire getting back up to SuperStar after sinking to blue for an extended period.  Despite a couple of big knocks, Hampshire has continually bounced back for some good results and his flashing lights deserve to be switched back on.


447 Richard Hampshire returns to Superstar in the 1300 Stock Cars on Saturday


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