Warning to Drivers for Bandit Memorial on June 19th

01/06/2010 22:16


Drivers should be aware that bookings are currently being snapped up at an alarming rate for the Bandit Memorial which takes place in Unlimited and 2L Bangers on Saturday June 19th.

At the moment 120 National Bangers are being taken over the two classes.

Drivers wishing to race should book in as soon as possible by ringing the office on 01553 771111 or 07939 580652 or E mailing trackstar@norfolkarena.co.uk

This meeting also sees the Unlimited banger Pre 70 take place which will kick off the meeting at 6pm with two races for the Unlimited Pre 70s.

Any drivers who have booked for this meeting and are unable to honour their bookings should cancel asap.

This meeting is the final qualifying round for the Unlimited Banger World of Shale and the 2L Banger World Final


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