Wacky Races Its Go Go Go

01/04/2010 12:13

In the imortal words of Murray Walker its go go go this Easter Bank Holiday Monday for the annual Wacky Races (1pm)

  • Featuring the highly entertaining and hilarious reliant robins in their British Grand Prix ,as you can imagine keeping a robin on all three wheels as it goes round the track is very difficult and often drivers spend more time rolling over on their roofs than they do going the right way around the track!!
  • Caravan destruction derby , For those of us who drive and seemingly spend hours queing behind caravans, a caravan race is good therapy! our banger stars dont waste any time obliterating any caravan which appears in front of them and within a couple of laps all of the caravans are guaranteed to be detroyd .
  • Banger Destruction Derby , as well as the Robins and Caravans , our experienced banger stars will be competing in several other races culminating in the always popular destruction derby where the last car running is the winner after the rest of the grid has been destroyd. One of the races will also see drivers chained together ! always interesting when one driver wants to go left and one right !
  • Saloon Stock Cars, Our fun fiulled afternoon will also see the best stock car drivers in the UK in action. Mention the words "Stock Cars" to anyone and saloon stock cars are image conjoured up in their minds. These are battle scarred chariots where the racing is often controversial, very hard hitting and not for the feint hearted as cars hit, spin and often roll !


Adults £12  -  Concessions £9  - Juniors (12-15) £5 and KIDS 11 YEARS AND UNDER FREE .

Turnstiles open from 11.30 am



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