Updated Points Charts

18/05/2011 22:41

The points charts have all been updated following the action at the Norfolk Arena last weekend.

The new points charts can be accessed here

The Bangers still see 5 Jamie Lee Callis leading the way but looking like a good bet now for the National Points is 673 Darren Fendley who has joined Jamie at the head of the chart. The lates World Qualifying chart for the 2L Bangers sees Darren still lead the way but significant progress was made by both 572 Paul Scully, 715 Mick Prince and 396 Graham Hyla.

The Banger Entertainer League is still headed by 390 Gibson but now moving into second place just 5 points behind Gibson is Predator 137 Jay Chilton. Moving from nowhere into the top fifteen in the chart was 715 Mick Prince.

A good performance in the 2L Stock Cars now sees 641 Willie Skoyles Jnr build a lead in the points ahead of 499 David Aldous.

The 1300 Stock Cars see 673 John Moat still lead the way in the National Points. The new grades have now come into effect for the 1300 Stock Cars. The big grade jumpers are 18 Stu Parnell who moves from the white to the blue grade. 316 danny McCluskey returns to the blues after a month at yellow and following a great debut meeting 227 Sam Lakey already finds himself moving up to the yellows.



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