Unlimited Pre 70 Change & Extra Unlim & None Mondeo Date

06/04/2011 21:32


The Unlimited Banger Pre 70 has increased in popularity at the Norfolk Arena in recent years. With the World of Shale being revamped last year it was moved to become part of the Bandit Meeting in June which was in itself a major success.

However indications are pointing that both the Unlimited and 2L Banger Racing at this year's Bandit Memorial is going to be very busy with well over 100 Bangers expected even at this early stage. The addition of the Unlimited Banger Pre 70 does create a logistical nightmare on this night.

We have also had many many requests to run a none Mondeo meeting in the the 2L Bangers.

These problems have been solved with an additional date being added into the Norfolk Arena banger schedule which takes place on Sunday 7th August (1pm). This will see racing for Unlimited Bangers together with the annual Unlimited Banger Pre 70 where the Pre 70s will get a minimum of two races together before having the opportunity to race with the regular Unlimiteds and the first 2L Banger none Mondeo (or Cougar) meeting to take place at Lynn.

The Unlimited Banger meeting will not be a qualifying round for the World of Shale as it is felt unfair to add an additional qualifier when poeple may have already planned their 2011 meetings. However, the meeting will be a Wild Card for the World of Shale and the driver who finishes in the best position in the final together with the driver who scores the most Entertainer League Points on the day who has not already secured a place on the WoS grid will receive a place on the grid of the biggest race to take place on shale in 2011.

The 2011 Unlimited Banger Pre 70 at King's Lynn will take place on Sunday 7 August.


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