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Kings Lynn 15th May 2010 - 2 Ltr Bangers, National Saloons & 1300 Stox from Impact Videos KL on Vimeo.

Action from the Norfolk Arena on Saturday 15 May - DVD can be ordered from Impact Videos



There was another fantastic entry of cars at the Norfolk Arena last Saturday with just over 50 2L Stock Cars in action together with 26 1300 Stock Cars and  32 2L Stock Cars.

The first heat for the 2L Bangers saw 425 Martin Stopher hit the front at the drop of the green flag with 715 Mick Prince attacking 701 Kevin Cooper. A mini pile up developed on the back straight which involved 149 Wayne Bailey, 50 Simon West and 375 Jamie Childerhouse amongst others with 514 Charlie Taylor spinning out 131 Ray Pursglove with Pursglove then being left open for a follow up shot from 513 Sean Harvey as the opening race had a very hectic start. 390 David Gibson then attacked 348 Sonny Sherwood as 673 Darren Fendley spun out 511 Helen Licquorice on the back straight. 425 Stopher continued to pull away at the front of the grid whilst 99 Ricky Garrod also impressed in his second meeting by continuing to maintain a strong second place. 73 Dean Cruickshanks ran 514 Sean Harvey into the fence whilst 131 Ray Pursglove spun out 160 Shane Windsor with 99 Garrod taking the opportunity to blow up the stricken Windsor car. 149 Wayne Bailey spun out 513 Sean Harvey whilst 897 Matt Battle attacked 375 Jamie Childerhouse.  512 Lewis Harvey was attacked by 149 Wayne Bailey with Harvey then putting the car in reverse and pinning Bailey against the fence which allowed 513 Sean Harvey to come in with a big shot on Bailey. 338 Terry Garrod clattered 695 Mark Mason into the fence whilst 348 Sonny Sherwood also found himself in trouble. With three laps to go 75 Andy Frith spun out 701 Cooper whilst 375 Jamie Childerhouse hooked out 513 Harvey on the back straight. Up front Stopher was impressing with a storming drive which saw him take the flag from 99 Ricky Garrod and a rapidly closing 390 David Gibson with 513 Sean Harvey getting the entertainer award for a lively display.

Big wreck for 47 Chris Malkin

49 Mark Heilds was the early leader of the second heat which began wit 60 Kyle Stevenson putting 466 Mark Bayliss away whilst 47 chris Malkin was an early spinner and 70 Ant Long was run into the dead Bayliss car by 790 Nathan Young. The lively 60 Stevenson soon hit the front as 405 Adam Sproule was spun out by 457 Daniel Cruickshank and 49 Heilds launched himself into the top two runners whilst lting in third place which brought about the demise of 316 James Cushion. Stevenson continued to lead up front with 457 Daniel Cruickshanks second and 788 Dan Burton moving into third place. 791 Nicky Young put 49 Heilds away whilst Stevenson was coming under strong pressure at the head of affairs. 47 Chris Malkin was rattled in by 88 Ash Burton with 180 Mark Foster then being blown up with 49 Mark Heilds coming in turn with another massive shot. 457 Cruickshanks found himself soon facing the wrong way. 788 Dan Burton took the lead from Stevenson on the penultimate lap and looked set for victory only for a rapidly chasing 730 Dean Mayes to half spin him and see the luckless Burton collect a tyre on the last bend which left the door open for the rapid former World Champion Mayes to take the flag and he was followed home by current superstars 349 Michael Allard and 85 James Ellis. 49 Mark Heilds won the entertainer award.

457 Daniel Cruickshanks and 99 Ricky Garrod attack 512 Lewis Harvey

47 cars returned for the all in final which predictable had a hectic start with a big push up the back straight which saw the demise of several names with 333 James Cooke nailing 390 David Gibson. Up front 99 Ricky Garrod led the way for a lap before 316 James Cushion hit the front and 701 Cooper was an early spinner. 807 Chris Murfin and 338 Terry Garrod both clashed. The leading Garrod was hooked out by 75 Andy Frith with Frith then hitting a tyre and being attacked by 791 Nicky Young.

316 James Cushion then hit the front as 180 Mark Foster was spun by 639 Paul Vines and 897 Matt Battle was run in by 88 Ash Burton. The leading 316 Cushion was then attacked by 382 Jack Foster and 512 Lewis Harvey who was running in second place seized the opportunity to spin out the leader which allowed 405 Adam Sproule to take up the running. 99 Ricky Garrod was blown up by the lively 75 Frith with 60 Kyle Stevenson having a go at 514 Charlie Taylor. 525 Wes Starmer was truned around by 375 Jamie Childerhouse as 348 Sonny Sherwood spun and fenced 514 Charlie Taylor. The leading 405 Sprowle was being reeled in by a fast moving 425 Martin Stopher and it was Stopher who took the lead with three laps to go with a textbook spinout of the leader. 514 Taylor found himself under attack from 311 Garry Lown whilst the last couple of laps saw 730 Dean Mayes in a “Do or Die” mission as he came flying through the pack but lost time trying to deal with a stubborn 715 Mick Prince. 99 Garrod found himself spun on the last lap by 513 Sean Harvey whilst 512 Lewis Harvey clattered a marker tyre on the last lap which also saw 730 Mayes finally force a way past 715 Prince although he could do nothing to stop 425 Stopher from taking the flag with livewire 75 Andy Frith being rewarded with the race entertainer award for a fine display.


425 Martin Stopher (centre) had a fantastic night with a heat and final double. 730 Dean Mayes (Right) came home second in the final and won a heat with 715 Mick Prince coming home in third place in the final.

36 cars returned for the All Comers which began with a big pile up on the roadside bend which claimed 180 Mark Foster and 375 Jamie Childerhouse amongst others with most getting going in. The stranded 149 Wayne Bailey was followed in hard by 180 Mark Foster with the reds coming out to help a winded Bailey exit his car. The restart saw a big early pile up once again which claimed most of the field. 75 Andy Frith came out of the chaos to lead and he was chased by 382 Jack Foster and then 807 Chris Murfin. 85 James Ellis went in hard on 898 Andy Battle whilst 807 Chris Murfin punted Frith wide with three laps to go to take the lead. 566 Tony Pallett attacked 349 Michael Allard with 73 Dean Cruickshanks going through the back wheel of the Allard machine with Allard also then being abused by 60 Kyle Stevenson. A confident drive by Murfin was rewarded with the chequered flag whilst 180 Mark Foster picked up the Entertainer Award.

A good field of just under 20 cars returned for the destruction Derby which began with 75 Andy Frith attacking 513 Shaun Harvey who was then also assaulted by 382 Jack Foster. 75 Frith was then nailed by 49 Mark Heilds whilst a 349 Michael Allard was followed into a large infield marker tyre by 60 Kyle Stevenson which catapulted it into the middle of the circuit. 50 Simon West then did a follow up shot on 349 Allard with 99 Ricky Garrod spinning out 180 Mark Foster with Foster then nailing Garrod. 50 West and 349 Allard exchanged a series of head ons whilst 73 Dean Cruickshanks spinning  513 Shaun Harvey with 49 Heilds nailing the immobile Harvey machine. Heilds was then assaulted by 512 Lewis Harvey with 180 Mark Foster coming in to blow up Heilds in style. 382 Jack Foster then went through the back wheel of 85 James Ellis with 405 Adam Sproule coming in to do a shot on Ellis on the nose. 180 Mark Foster then attacked 73 Dean Cruickshanks with 382 Jack Foster then running in 457 Dean Cruickshanks into the dead 405 Adam Sproule motor before 457 Cruickshanks returned with a revenge shot on 382 Foster. 382 Foster then exchanged some shots with 457 Cruickshanks whilst opposing brothers 180 Foster and 73 Cruickshanks did likewise. 60 Stevenson then entreed the frame and did a massive head on with 180 Mark Foster. 382 Foster then lined up 60 Stevenson for a shot in the rear whilst 180 Mark Foster finished off 73 Cruickshanks with a shot over the front wheel. 69 Stevenson then did another big head on with 180 Foster with 60 Stevenson then being finished with a stiff shot from 382 Foster which left the two Worksop brothers to fight things out and following a series of head ons and other shots it was eventually 180 Mark who expired first and left 382 Jack Foster to win the Destruction derby with 60 Kyle Stevenson winning the Entertainer Award

The result of a lively night for 49 Mark Heilds

A big field of 2L Stock Cars once again produced a fine night of action. As usual the night began with a White & Yellow Race which was led in the first instance by 321 Ryan Mee in a very smart looking car before 312 neil Payne took up the running a lap later. The third lap saw 233 Rob Aldridge making his Lynn 2L Stock Car debut move up into second place as 65 Ian Willis his a tyre hard and 317 Dwayne Powell spun on the back straight. 420 Ivan Street lost his bonnet early in the race but continued at a brisk pace. Up fron a confident performance by 312 Payne was rewarded with the chequered flag with 233 Aldridge and the bonnetless 420 Street completing the top three.

321 Ryan Mee was once again the early leader of the second heat as 402 Shaun Webster making his first appearance at Lynn for over a year was the first casualty of the race as he was spun out by the newly crowned English Champion 156 Darren Goudy who was making his first appearance at the Norfolk Arena wearing the St Georges cross. For the second race in succession 65 Willis found one of the marker tyres at speed on the first lap as 638 Mick Bulldeath was spun round by 127 Steve McMillan. Up front 321 Mee continued to lead from 312 Payne as 317 Dwayne Powell was spun out by the pack on the back straight. 420 Ivan Street found himself in trouble as 321 Mee and 312 Payne continued to be locked together up front with a big gap from the rest of the field which was being headed by a fast moving 131 Timmy Barnes. 511 Craig Barnett found himself facing the wrong way as the leading 321 Mee was turned around by 312 Payne who hit the front on the fourth lap. 22 Karl Petters was spun around by 738 Gary Munns as the returning 321 Mee was sent fencewards by 512 Darren Barnett. 305 Nigel Parker found himself facing the wrong way as 420 Ivan Street was spun by 638 Martin Bulldeath. 120 Shane Brown hit one of the tyres Up front 131 Barnes took the lead from 312 Payne with four laps to go with 570 Simon Venni setting off in pursuit of the leader. 131 Barnes and 570 Venni enjoyed a great battle for the last couple of laps with neither driver giving an inch. On the last lap though both drivers tangled with 638 Martin Bulldeath which gave Barnes the breathing space he needed to repel a last bend attack from 570 Venni.

402 Shaun Webster made a successful return to shale action

The second heat began with a big clash between 728 Kris Woods and 321 Ryan Mee which did neither any favours as 420 Ivan Street and 22 Karl Petters were also early casualties. 312 Neil Payne was once again the early leader from 13 Lee Petters and 233 Rob Aldridge. 638 Martin Bulldeath ended up in the fence with 321 Ryan Mee with 317 Dwayne Powell ending up parked up in the back of the Bulldeath machine. 400 David aldous found himself spun round as 420 Ivan Street was spun by 401 Steve Webster and 219 Luke Grief turned around 305 Nigel Parker. 156 Darren Goudy spun round 13 Lee Petters as 511 Craig Barnett clashed with 65 Ian Willis and both were left facing the wrong way. 127 Steve McMillan found himself deposited in the fence by 115 Scott Aldrige as 312 Payne continued to lead up front as the lap boards came out but his lead was rapidly diminishing as the chasing pack of 570 Simon Venni, 311 Steve Newman and 120 Shane Brown were quickly closing. A pile up developed on the back straight which claimed 127 Steve McMillan and 420 Ivan Street amongst others. 312 Payne was forced wide which allowed 570 Venni to come through but was immediately attacked by Payne which then allowed 311 Steve Newman to take the lead and these were quickly being pursued by 120 Shane Brown and 512 Darren Barnett. Entering turn one of the final lap Brown made his move but Newman rode the challenge and managed to then make a small gap between himself and his pursuer which he retained until the flag whilst the final lap saw 360 Carl Waterfield come to grief.

219 Luke Grief spins out 360 Carl Waterfield

637 Mick Bulldeath was the early leader of the Saloon Final which had a very hectic opening as a big pile up developed on turns one and two which claimed 127 Steve McMillan, 28 jamie Clayton, 512 Darren Barnett and 311 Steve Newman amongst others. 120 Shane Brown also found himself in trouble on the first lap. 570 Simon Venni soon hit the front as 311 Newman spun after rejoining and 499 David Aldous was spun out by 65 Ian Willis and 13 Lee Petters was also an early spinner. 360 Carl Waterfield was fired into the fence and the luckless Waterfield brought about a race stoppage on the seventh lap when he rejoined the racing only to be launched onto his roof by the pack as 637 Mick Bulldeath clobbered a marker tyre hard. On the restart Venni was leading with 402 Shaun Webster sat in second place with two back markers between him and the leader although an intermittently working transponder meant that Webster was being marked as a laps down. One the restart it did not take long for Webster to overhaul Venni although second place Barnett was being given the lead. A confident performance by Webster saw him motor on up front. Behind him there was still plenty of action with 499 Aldous once again finding himself spun around with 131 Timmy Barnes the perpetrator on this occasion whilst whilst 728 Chris Woods was launched into a multi spin after clipping a tyre whilst 13 Lee Petters had the ride of his life as he was sent down the home straight broadside whilst being on the front of six or seven cars which ended with Petters being deposited on a tyre. 728 Kris Woods once again found himself spun this time by 499 David Aldous as 402 Shaun Webster went on to take his first race win in England since his return to racing in style. 219 Luke Grief was inching closer to 511 Barnett in the battle for second but Barnett held on for a good runner up spot.

402 Shaun Webster (centre) was delighted with his Saloon Final win from 511 Craig Barnett (Left) and 219 Luke Grief (Right)


There was also a good field of 1300 Stock Cars and the first heat saw 126 Tom Longhurst in great form once again. He took the lead at the drop of the green as 308 Alec Hannay and 236 Stuart Sharpe both tangled. 14 Anthony Hamstead hit one of the marker tyres hard and was bouned out to the centre of the track and the waved yellows were called for a winded Hamstead. On the restart 275 Matthew Roberts was hooked out by 851 Adam Storr as 126 Longhurst led from 347 Sam Reynolds. 33 Warren Porter was making eyecatching ground from the blues ad he was soon up to second place and on the fifth lap he hit the front as 110 chris Lowie was spun out in the battle for fourth place by 142 Lee Farrell.  Porter continued to lead until four laps to go when he spun out the backmarking 653 Gemma Nelson who bounced into him and took him out which handed the lead back to 126 Longhurst who then made no mistake as he went on to take the win from 216 Dan Booth and 142 Lee Farrell.

Low graders in the shape of 110 Chris Lowie, 347 Sam Reynolds and 14 Anthony Hamstead battle in the 1300 Stock Cars


Longhurst was also the early leader in the second heat with 236 Stuart Sharpe his early challenger which was replaced by 110 Chris Lowie at the half way stage. Lowie continued to harass the leading Longhurst and with three laps to go made a decisive move putting the leader wide and nipping up the inside – a manouvere which was copied by 316 Danny McCluskey to move into second place. Danny had made eye catching progress throughout the race and entering the last bend he made a fantastic last bend dive which saw Lowie head fencewards. 126 Longhurst tried to seize the initiative to retake the lead but some fantastic rear guard action from 316 McCluskey saw him fend off the Longhurst assault to take the chequered flag.

316 Danny McCluskey was a heat winner on Saturday Night


The final saw 347 Sam Reynolds battling early for the lead with 236 Stuart Sharpe and it was Sharpe who was in front entering the second lap. With four laps gone 110 Chris Lowie emerged into second place and three laps later he was challenging Sharpe for the lead and moved up the inside of the leader to hit the front with 14 Anthony Hamstead driving well in third place. Lowie then started to pull away in front and increased the distance between himself and the rest of the pack on every lap. Further back Sharpe was also driving exceptionally well to keep at the front of the rest of the pack with McCluskey  emerging from the rest of the pack to move into third place. 33 Warren Porter was spun out in a heavy incident which saw him collect a tyre and he was also then collected hard by 216 Dan Booth and 385 Roy Gedge whilst 347 Sam Reynolds also saw himself spun out of a good place. Up front 110 Lowie had a fantastic drive rewarded by winning the final by a country mile whilst  316 McCluskey found a way past 236 sharpe on the last bend but Sharpe still did very well to hold onto third place from a determined 673 John Moat challenge.

110 Chris Lowie (centre) won the 1300 Stock Car Final from 316 Danny McCluskey (Right) and 236 Stuart Sharpe (Left)




2L Bangers

Heat 1


333 673 898 361 897 511 348



Heat 2


60 566 791 807  88 525 119





361 85 88 348


All Comers


85 566 525 898 73 88 60


2L Stock Cars

Stars of tomorrow


321 570 728 65 738 417


Heat 1


219 402 120 401 738 156 115


Heat 2


570 401 641 131 499 115 233




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