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Despite some heavy rain showers in the afternoon, the track was still in a state that following a couple of races looked like it would provide some good racing but the powers that be had other ideas and once racing started it was accompanied by torrential rain which will no doubt mean that the meeting will be remembered for all of the wrong reasons. All the drivers who raced deserved a medal in the conditions and those that were there did get to see some outstanding individual performances in the worst possible conditions.

There was plenty of smart machinery in the Bangers with 225 Chris Bull in a smart Lexus Suarer, 320 Julian Meakins, 639 Paul Vines and 98 Matt Harrison in smart Volvo 740s, 149 Wayne Bailey and 266 Big Al Roskell in pretty Volvo 240s, a super smart Vauxhall Omega from 425 Martin Stopher, 230 Dean Moljourd in a smart Jaguar XJ40 whilst awards for cars of the meeting went to 292 Keith Saunders for his Ford Granada Mk 2 Limo, 611 Joe Geeves for his fantastic Chevy Monte Carlo, 791 Nicky “Spud” Young for his super smart Vauxhall Omega Limo and 311 John “Cully” Cullingford for his simply epic AMC Hornet. In all 63 unlimited Bangers made the trip with some drivers being put off by the weather forecast – 57 of the 63 present made it on track.

225 Chris “Young Bully” Bull was the early leader of the first Unlimited Banger heat with the first piece of action seeing 197 Glenn “Chipboard” Woodward go steaming into the back of two cars on the first lap. Fellow S25 member 43 Nicky Bishop was also involved in the early action as he steamed into 726 Kalin “The Chimp” Dawe. By the third lap 673 Darren Fendley had made his way to the front as 572 Paul “Squirt” Scully was wound out by the pack. Shortly after Bishop found himself facing the wrong way and he was hit hard by 331 Shane Fry. Some big hits then took place on the back straight with 280 Simon “Slick” Goodale dishing out a big hit and 331 Fry also involved heavily. 572 Squirt then wound out 168 Calvin Girling with Girling then meeting 133 Karly Day on the nose. 98 Matt Harrison then delivered a big shot on 207 Michael Woodward who was in turn hit hard by 215 Young Bully as the chequered flag came out for 119 Davey “Cruncher” Cox who had made his intentions of wanting to defend the his East Anglian Crown clear by winning heat 1.

The second Unlimited Banger heat saw an early spin for 552 Black Nuts and an early tangle between 348 Sonny “Mushy” Sherwood and 474 Matty Threlkeld as 611 Joe “The Young Postman” Geeves T boned 230 Dean “Mr Mean” Moljourd.

313 John “Cully” Cullingford was the early leader before 791 Spud who was clearly enjoying drifting the Omega Limo burst through from the reds to take the lead on the second lap. 421 “Nutty” Nigel Riley then attacked 661 Bob Rose before 525 Wesley Starmer picked up 611 The Young Postman and with 579 Gary “Mr Clumsy” Beecham also going on the back, Geeves was thundered into the wall with Starmer then bouncing out and being collected by the leading Spud which immediately stopped his progress and allowed 555 Sam Gelsthorpe to take the lead on the fifth lap. 174 Curtis “Little Rath” Rathbone then was wound at as 221 Justin “Motormouth” Riley blew up the stranded Starmer motor. The last few laps say Sam extend his lead as 348 Mushy made his way into second place as 285 Sean “Mr Misery” Dyer wound out 174 Little Rath and 221 Motormouth also spun 349 Michael Allard out of fourth place on the last lap.

The deteriorating conditions saw the promotion scrap the consolation and run an all in East Anglian Final which was held in heavy rain. 579 Mr clumsy was the early leader as 260 Adam Jolly who was doing his first race of the night stalled on the racing line just as the green fell and was left a sitting duck. 572 Squirt put 726 The Chimp into the fence on the first lap. 225 Nick Bull was spun out by 285 Mr Misery who also took the lead on lap 2 as 207 Michael “Compo” Woodward and 81 Ashley Bell had a coming together on the home straight and 673 Darren Fendley did a shot on 41 Lee Horwood. 421 Nutty Nige put 269 Greg mulligan away as 521 Ace Ashley Riley blew up 260 Jolly. 119 Cruncher’s title defence failed courtesy of 421 nutty Nige who spun the 119 car out and then 221 Motormouth met Cruncher on the nose 372 martin Scully turned around 521 Ace Ash as 285 mr Misery started to visibly slow and the big lead he enjoyed was being eroded by the chasing pack led by 348 mushy and 555 Sam. With 2 laps to go 555 Sam did a race winning manouvere by punting 348 Mushy wide into 285 Mr Misery and by the time the latter two had got back onto the racing line Sam was away. Mushy raced to a comfortable second whilst 160 Shane Winsor got past 285 Mr Misery on the last lap for third and as the chequered flag fell, 726 the Chimp scored a good shot on 81 Ashley Bell.

The All Comers and Destruction Derby were combined and it was 334 Stephen Court who was the early leader and looked to be going well as 132 Robert “Bobbles” James in his first race of the night thundered in 372 Scully. 43 Bish was taken round by 215 Young Bully before Young Bully did a shot over the rear wheel of 349 Michael Allard. 215 Young Bully then took up the lead after 334 courty had gone wide into the deep shale on the outside after not being able to see and 726 the Chimp pulled off a big hit on 334 Courty with 372 Scully then scoring a hit on 726 the Chimp. Once everyone got going again, 726 The Chimp came over in the lead whilst 43 Bish scored a good hit on 334 Courty and 726 The Chimp went on to win. The Green flag instantaneously wet down for the DD where 81 shley bell was immediately hit by 221 Motor Mouth and 726 the Chimp scored a decent hit on 43 Bish. 572 Squirt then did a T Bone on 133 Karly Day before enjoying a series of head ons with 221 motorMouth. 726 The chimp then did a shot through the back wheel of Squirt before Squirt delivered a hit to 133 Day before being disabled by a big hit from The Chimp which also rendered the 726 car motionless. It was then down to 221 Motormouth and 133 Karly Day and 221 delivered a hit to Day and as a small fire broke out on the Day machine, Motormouth delivered a T Bone to Day to win.

An impressive 34 Saloons were in the pits but unfortunately 8 drivers elected not to race. The first race of the night for the 2L Stock Cars was their White & Yellow Race. 191 Shaun “Mucker” McMillan was quickly into stride and he was followed by 227 Sam Lakey who was making his debut in the formula. These two had avoided a big turn one pile up caused by the tricky conditions which amongst others claimed 404, 19 Karl Turner, 22 Karl Peeters and 190 John Wagstaff. By the end of the second lap, 127 Steve McMillan had moved from the yellows into second place and set about chasing his brother. 420 Ivan Street’s progress was soon stopped when he was spun around by 171 Kev Dunne Jnr whilst 912 Andi Newman also found himself in trouble a couple of times. Up front, 191 McMillan had built up a very big lead over his brother but entering the final lap he had to deal with 171 Dunn Jnr, 912 Newman and 13 Lee Peeters all battling right in front of him. Newman was hooked out right in front of McMillan who did very well to avoid the melee in front of him and Shaun celebrated taking the chequered flag by a big margin by spinning out 861 Ben Royal as he took the win.

404 Robert Bulldeath was the early leader of the first full heat as 728 Kris Woods was spun out by 131 Timmy Barnes and collected by 171 Kev Dunne jnr. 912 Andi Newman was right behind Bulldeath with 191 Mucker right behind him. On the third lap Mucker did a neat move which saw him lean Newman into Bulldeath and come through and take the lead. 508 Lee Green then moved into second place as 428 Lee Sampson spun out. As the race came to an end 22 Karl Peeters was spun out by 311 Steve Newman and with two laps to go Mucker made a mistake and went very wide into the deep shale but his lead was so big that despite losing quite a lo of time he still managed to come back on the racing line in the lead and was chased to the chequered flag by brother Steve McMillan.

The second race was designated the final with the conditions deteriorating at an ever increasing rate. 191 Mucker continued were he had left the earlier races and soon stormed into a lead he was never going to lose. 127 Steve McMillan once again set about chasing Shaun down but Mucker enjoyed a massive lead at the end of the race and the race ended with second placed Steve and third placed 508 Lee Green being the only two drivers which Shaun failed to lap in a very dominating drive.


191 Shaun McMillan was in magnificent form in he 2L Stock Cars


A good field of 24 130 0 Stock Cars were in the pits with only 2 of the drivers keeping them on the trailer. The 1300 Stock Cars kicked off with their White & Yellow Series Race. This was the first race of the day and the tricky track caught out several drivers who slid into a turn one pie up which claimed 09 Buster Ketteringham, 105 Richard Murfett, 567 and 382 Dave Richardson amongst others. 276 Ray Cutting got away but his demise was to come quickly as he spun himself out at the end of the first lap which handed the lead to 126 Tom Longhurst. Longhurst led for a further two laps before wet weather specialist 142 Lee Farrell swept through. Farell looked like he would be on course for a comfortable win but the real surprise performance of the race came from 851 Adam Storr who was in his first 1300 Stock Car race after moving over form the bangers and Storr managed to catch up with lee and even put the bumper in a couple of times which the Wisbech Driver managed to ride out before opening up a gap with a couple of laps to go. With two laps to go 18 Stu Parnell put himself into the fence very hard.

276 Cutting was the early race leader of the first heat proper and as the green flag fell 275 Matthew Roberts disappeared onto the infield amongst a cloud of steam. The impressive 851 Adam “The Intimidator” Storr was again looking good and he moved up the inside of Cutting to take the lead after a lap. At the half way stage 385 Roy “Boy” Gedge was making eye catching progress and with four laps to go he had moved into second spot and a lap later he took the lead and kicked away. Behind him there was a battle royale for third place with Cutting, Farrell, Dan Booth and 110 Chris Lowie who was making his Lynn debut. Farrell got the decisive move on the last lap for third place with Lowie following him through for fourth spot.

The second heat for the 1300 Stock Cars saw the impressive 851 Storr again scoot off into the lead pursued by 385 Roy Boy who took the lead with four laps to go with 673 John Moat just getting past Storr for second on the last lap.

A similar scene was played out in the final only this time it only took Roy Boy two laps to take the lead and he then went on to take an impressive win from 110 Chris Lowie and 673 john Moat.

In all a meeting which had fantastic potential was once again ruined by terrible weather. The efforts made by drivers and teams to put on a show were immense and our thanks go to those.


Unlimited Bangers

Merit Awards

292 Keith Saunders, 313 john Cullingford, 611 Joe Geeves, 791 Nicky Young

Heat 1

WINNER: 119 DAVEY COX, 2nd: 160 Shane Winsor, 3rd: 326 Paul Picton

225   536   81   207   302   331 nof

Race Entertainer – 215 CHRIS BULL


Heat 2

WINNER: 555 SAM GELSTHORPE, 2nd: 348 Sonny Sherwood, 3rd: 791 Nicky Young

285   474   349   579

Race Entertainer: 221 JUSTIN RILEY



WINNER: 555 SAM GELSTHORPE, 2nd 348 Sonny Sherwood, 3rd 160 Shane Winsor

285   726   207   81   225   271   215


All Comers

WINNER: 726 KALIN DAWE, 2nd: 572 Paul Scully, nof

Race Entertainer: 43 NICKY BISHOP


Destruction Derby




2L Stock Cars

White & Yellows

WINNER: 191 SHAUN McMILLAN, 2nd: 127 Steve McMillan, 3rd: 728 Kris Woods

171 227 420 19 912 13 22


Heat 1

WINNER: 191 SHAUN McMILLAN, 2nd: 127 Steve McMillan, 3rd: 311 Steve Newman

219 149 570 508 404 728 991



WINNER: 191 SHAUN McMILLAN, 2nd: 127 Steve Newman, 3rd: 508 Lee Green

219 5 311 428 420 19 149


1300 Stock Cars

White & Yellows

WINNER 142 LEE FARRELL, 2nd: 851 Adam Storr, 3rd: 110 Chris Lowie

24 214 276 392 09


Heat 1

WINNER: 385 ROY GEDGE, 2nd 851 Adam Storr, 3rd: 142 Lee Farrell

110 216 276 673 447 473 316


Heat 2

WINNER: 385 ROY GEDGE, 2nd: 673 Dean Moat, 3rd: 851 Adam Storr

110 447 473 316 276



WINNER: 385 ROY GEDGE, 2nd: 110 Chris Lowie, 3rd: 673 John Moat

851 473 276 447


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