Ladies Sent to Coventry

21/06/2011 13:40


Startrax have teamed up with Trackstar to put on a full format three races for LADY BANGERS on Saturday 23rd July which will be a Qualifier for the Norfolk Arena's Lady Banger World Championship later in the year.


Trackstar Drivers racing will receive full National Points and Gold Roof Qualifying Points together with attendance points.

There will be three races guaranteed for the lades with the feature event being the `Startrax QUEEN OF SHALE CHAMPIONSHIP' with some high quality silverware on offer.

Already the entry list from East Anglian `Ladies' has hit double figures and the event is `open' to all Lady competitors - Normal TSR Lady Banger Rules. Over 20 Ladies are expected to be in action altogether with strong interest from the Midlands as well.

Ladies should book in asap and if you wish your points to count for National Points and Gold Roof Points you should booked in through TSR



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