Get Well Soon

18/04/2011 18:38

Last Saturday saw a very difficult night of racing with several drivers injured one way or another whome we send our best wishes too.

Noveice Lady Banger Driver 662 Sammy Lambe hit one of the marker tyres very hard which resulted in part of her car having to be cut so she could be safetly extracted. After a visit to hospital thanksfully sam was found to have nothing broken or long lasting injuries but has severe bruising and will be feeling very rough for a couple of weeks yet and we wish her all the best on her road to recovery.

357 Dylan Baty in his first Banger Meeting also had a visit to hospital where he received stitches and is not on the road back to good health.

750 David Sturman was also injured after beng hit hard in the Banger All Comers. A trip to hospital has shown a broken bone in his shoulder and againw e wish david all of the best in his recovery.

Finally 209 Jonny Pearce did not even realise he had fractured his sternum when he left the meeting on saturday night after a heavy collision but after a painful night visited the hospital the next day where this was confirmed. Jonny is likely to be out of racing for 8 weeks.

Once again we wish all of the above drivers all the best on their road to recovery and we look forward to seeing them back around the tracks soon.



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