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26/04/2010 19:11



Action from the Norfolk Arena on April 24th - To purchase the official dvd click here


There was another night of fantastic action at the Norfolk Arena on Saturday night when the F1 Stock Cars were in action with racing also coming from the 2L Stock Cars and the Lady Bangers.

37 F1s were in action which meant that this event had the second biggest F1 turnout of the season so far. The meeting started with a now traditional White & Yellow Race before running a two thirds format and an all in Final and Grand National.

The whites and yellow race. 48 Garry Fox and was the early race leader from 208 Steve Malkin whilst 307 Tim Warwick and 351 John Frost both tangled before the end of the first lap. Fox – making his first appearance in an F1 at the Norfolk Arena stretched away from the front of the grid and started to open up from Malkin and 330 Graham Wagstaff. 280 Colin Nairn and 252 Paul Refern both visited the fence as 441 John Lawn moved up to second place by the end of the third lap. Lawn set about reeling in Fox and with four laps to go, Lawn moved up the inside of Fox to take the lead. A close following 330 Graham Wagstaff saw his chance and went in with the bumper hard which did Foxes chances no good as he brushed the fence. 302 Jim Bamford then suddenly found himself running in second place from 244 Mick Rogers. Whilst Lawn pulled away the race for second was very exciting with 11 Neil Scriven coming to join Bamford and Rogers and the recovering 330 Wagstaff in battle. Scriven put in a last bend challenge for second place which saw him end up in the fence and delayed Bamford whilt Wagstaff came through from second place and Bamford recovering for third place just behind winner 441 John Lawn.




A happy top three from the F1 White & Yellows which was won by 441 John Lawn (centre) with 330 Graham Wagstaff (right) coming home second and 302 Jim Bamford (left) right

The first heat proper was led for the first six laps by 351 John Frost before 244 Mick Rogers hit the front. World Champion 1 Andy Smith had been making relentless progress and when Rogers hit the front just before half way Smith was already up to second. Two laps later and Andrew had hit the front and motored on for a comfortable victory ahead of 335 Mark Woodhull and 16 Matt Newson. During the race though it appeared that the Smith transponder had not been working and at the end of the race a Stewards Enquiry revealed that the Smith team had not fitted their transponder and as per the rule book Andrew was disqualified from the result which handed the win to Woodhull.


Early F1 action sees 198 Nigel Whalley hit th fence as 223 Garry Townsend spins and 97 Murray Harrison takes avoiding action.


There were no white tops when the second heat set off and it was 308 Steve Malkin Jnr who stormed into the lead from the front of the yellows. 330 Graham Wagstaff found himself in trouble on the opening lap as Malkin opened up in front ahead of 11 Neil Scriven initially before 215 Geoff Nicholls moved into second before 121 Kevin Shinn took second place. On the third lap 8 mick Harris and 259 Paul Hines both visited the fence very hard. Up front Malkin was keeping ahead but 121 Shinn together with  335 Mark Woodhull and 441 John Lawn were closing. Woodhull hit the front on the seventh lap with Lawn moving into second after moving Shinn wide. Kevin returned the favour on the next lap but hit the Lawn machine sideways which dug in and with 4 Dan Johnson and 1 Andrew Smith on the back bumper of Shinn something was always going to give and Lawn ended up rolling over with Shinn being launched spectacularly over the rolling Lawn car and getting in some serious air time before both cars ended up on their sides. The yellows were then called for and both were helped safely from their cars. The same could not be said for Hines who had kept going after his earlier crash and pulled on the middle were it became obvious he was feeling pretty groggy and he went to the medical centre to be checked over and we are pleased to report that the next day he was feeling much better. When the race resumed Mark once again hit the front but now had the in form 4 Dan Johnson on his bank bumper who moved the leading Woodhull aside a couple of laps later. Mark immediately tried to respond but Johnson rode out the challenge. Andy Smith moved through into second place whilst 380 Steve Cayzer and 308 Steve Malkin Jnr tangled. With five laps to go Johnson enjoyed a four length lead over Smith whilst Woodhull was in the middle of a fierce battle with 13 Andy Ford. Up front Johnson actually started to pull away from Smith whilst 191 Joshua Smith, 244 Mick Rogers and 335 Mark Woodhull spectacularly tangled and in a separate incident 84 Tom Harris was spun out into a tyre and 308 Malkin blew up and retired amongst a big cloud of steam. The battle for third continued down to the wire with 97 Murray Harrison also scything his way through in the closing stages and getting past Woodhull for fourth on the penultimate bend but a stubborn Ford refused to let him past on the final bend.


Part of the massive 441 John Lawn & 121 Kevin Shinn double rollover (Pics Colin Casserley)



Te third heat saw 223 Garry Townsend and 280 Colin Nairn delay each other on the opening lap. 101 David Waterfouse led them away but at the end of lap one spun out and handed the lead to 48 Garry Fox. 55 Craig Finnikin also found himself on trouble on the first lap and rejoined right at the back on the first lap just in front of the leaders. Fox led from 330 Graham Wagstaff and 252 Paul Redfern as 8 Mick Harris and 338 Chris Brocksopp clashed. Up front Wagstaff took the lad from Fox on the third lap but the next bend saw fox try and reseize the initiative as he attacked Wagstaff but only succeeded in taking both drivers into the fence. 8 Mick Harris collided with 101 Waterhouse who was rejoining after his first lap spin. 215 Geoff Nicholls then hit the front from 198 Nigel Whalley and 288 Simon Panton. Three laps later saw Panton get put in the fence hard by 13 Andy ford and Panton rode the front wheel of the stricken Wagstaff machine. Up front Nicholls had a good lead over 198 Whalley who was in turn clear of 84 Tom Harris in third. Just after halfwat Ford was spun out and then collected by 12 Michael Scriven whilst the driver making the most progress through the field was 55 Finnikin who crossed lap one just in front of the leaders after a spin but had made his way up to sixth without the aid of any stoppage. 84 Harris moved into second and started to eat into the 215 Nicholls lead but Geoff drove a fantastic race and took a well deserved and popular win.

259 Paul Hines & 191 Joshua Smith pay a heavy visit to the fence (Pic Paul Tully)


The final saw a very hectic start with 302 Jim Bamford visiting the fence hard after clashing with 280 Colin Nairn and with Nairn stranded in a dangerous place the reds were called for and a complete restart called for which was good news for World Champion 1 Andy Smith who had also spun out. 48 Garry Fox was the early leader of the restarted final from 252 Paul Redfern as 288 Simon Panton was an early casualty. A lap later saw a massive pile up develop on the scoreboard bend which claimed 515 Frankie Wainman Jnr, 215 Geoff Nicholls, 16 Matt Newson, 13 Andy Ford, 462 Scott Davids and 335 Mark Woodhull amongst many others and a lap later the waved yellows came out. Less than half of the original field were left. 244 Mick Rogers was the leader with 55 Craig Finnikin the best placed of the stars in fourth place. Andy Smith was eleventh at the stoppage after being one of many delayed in the pile up. 55 Craig Finnikin soon moved into second place and set about chasing Rogers. However Mick was driving well and Craig was not making any real impression until the lap boards came out when Craig then visibly closed and with two laps to go he eased past Rogers and stormed off to take the win and make it two finals out of two for the Flying Finn at the Norfolk Arena in 2010 and also become the first driver to win two finals this year from Rogers and 11 Neil Scriven.


12 Michael Scriven fails on his parking test (Pic Paul Tully)

An aerofoiless 121 Kevin Shinn led away the Grand National with 55 Craig Finnikin taking the lap handicap. 330 Graham Wagstaff moved into second place as 16 Matt Newson was spun out by 12 Michael Scriven. 121 Shinn built up a decent lead and with 335 Mark Woodhull moving into second place. 13 Andy Ford spun in a precarious place with the rest of the pack doing well to take avoiding action. 335 Woodhull put 121 Shinn in to take the lead with 84 Tom Harris moving into second. Further down the grid 515 Frankie Wainman and 1 Andy Smith were enjoying a fantastic battle with bumpers and places being exchanged on every lap. Soon after 4 Dan Johnson joined the Wainman and Smith party and 446 Joe Booth also waded in with some great hits and these four produced a fantastic stock car fans which was well received and cheered on by fans for the rest of the race. Up front with five laps to go 84 Tom Harris moved mast 335 Woodhull to take the lead as Booth put in a big hit on 515 Wainman. Woodhull had a go back at Harris up front with 97 Murray Harrison also quickly closing. Two laps later a miserable day for the Harris team – who arrived late to the stadium after breaking down en route – was completed when gearbox problems saw the 84 car grind to a halt. Woodhull reinherited the lead with 97 Harrison all over him. The battle Royale between those behind him continued with Craig Finnikin also ranging in fast from the lap handicap. On the final lap Harrison was in firing distance on the leader and made a dive entering one or two which was outwitted by Woodhull which gave him some breathing space going down the back straight for the final time and he entered the last bend fast and wide to make it difficult for Harrison to make contact and a delighted Woodhull took his second win of the day. 1 Andy Smith led the rest home in third place after being left in no doubt he had been in a real stock car race and 55 Craig Finnikin made a big dive to try and improve his seventh place and ended up spinning out 4 Dan Johnson with a superb manouvere but Johnson did not take the assault laying down and reversed into his assailant pinning hem both against the fence.

515 Frankie Wainman Jnr and 1 Andy Smith traded blows for most of the Grand National (Pic Paul Tully)

An incredible turnout of 35 2L Stock Cars – the biggest turnout anywhere so far this year – produced some incredible action as well.

The 2L Stock Car action started with the White & Yellow Race. 190 John Wagstaff led them away with 389 Ryan Santry spinning out on the first lap and 317 Dwayne Powell and 227 Sam Lakey having a big coming together. Wagstaff was doing well up front as 41 David Maltby span out. 377 Mick Osler soon made his way up to second place as 861 Ben Royal was spun out by 420 Ivan Street and 738 Gary Munns found himself under attack and spun out by a whole gaggle of cars. Up front Wagstaff was being caught by Osler and with three laps to go he was right behind the leader. The backmarking 738 Munns was being a nuisance though particularly to Osler which kept on giving Wagstaff some breathing space up front. With a lap to go Wagstaff was leading but the backmarking Munns had different ideas and put the bumper in on everyone in front of him which saw Wagstaff go and rattle the fence as Osler came out of the bend sideways. A mini pile up formed on the hime straight with 312 Neil Payne opting for the inside and just being pipped by Osler who somehow forced his way through the chaos and past the line.


377 Mick Osler (Centre) won the Saloon White & Yellow Final with 312 Neil Payne (Right) coming home second and 728 Kris Woods (Left) third. (Pic Kevin Wickham)


The first heat proper started with 106 jamie Stafford being spun out and 115 Scott Aldridge being cast away by the pack. 41 David Maltby and 861 Ben Royal also clashed as 190 John Wagstaff took the lead. Wagstaff built up a big lead as one of the marker tyres was forced onto the track and left one car’s width entry into turn one. Wagstaff still led from 389 Ryan Santry as 127 Steve McMillan spun out and 490 Ian Jarman crashed out. The rejoining McMillan was in trouble again as he was spun into one of the marker tyresand 18 Jamie Clayton was spun as the inevitable eventually happened and a pile up occurred because of the errant marker tyre which claimed 511 Craig Barnett, 512 Darren Barnett, 417 Fred Powell and 227 Sam Lakey amongst others and the yellow flags were brought out which was bad news for leader 190 Wagstaff whose large lead was wiped out in one go. When the race restarted Wagstaff continued in the lead and surprised many by driving away from the rest of the pack headed by 149 Jamie Sampson and 499 David Aldous. 641 Willie Skoyles was spun out towards the end as Wagstaff took a popular win.


Hectic action featuring 417 Fred Powerll, and 511 Craig and 512 Darren Barnett (Pic Paul Tully)

The second heat began with 570 Simon Venni spinning out 41 David Maltby and 127 Steve McMillan also found himself at the back of the pack after spinning out. 312 Neil Payne was the early leader but at the end of the first lap it was 190 Wagstaff who once again hit the front. 140 Joe Cole found himself deposited in the fence as 106 Jamie Stafford, 420 Ivan Street and 127 Steve McMillan all went for the same part of track with McMillan losing out and being spun out. 131 Timmy Barnes was spun out on the back straight as 738 Gary Munns was put into the fence by 641 Willie Skoyles. Up front Wagstaff continued to lead as a pile up developed which claimed 417 Fred Powell, 115 Scott Aldridge and 106 jamie Stafford. 570 Venni was spun out again as 490 Ian Jarman attacked 499 David Aldous and spun him out. Wagstaff was continuing to keep a good way ahead of 312 Neil Payne but just after half way 149 Jamie Sampson was moving through from the yellows and had got up to fourth place. 317 Dwayne Powell was spun out by 428 Lee Sampson as 305 Nigel Parker took second from Payne with 18 Jamie Clayton following him through. Clayton and Parker had a big battle which 149 Jamie Sampson took advantage of to slip into second and over the last couple of laps started to chase down the leader. Sampson reduced the deficit by a big margin but entering the final lap the race still looked like Wagstaffs as 511 Craig Barnett bounced into one of the maker tyres hard. Entering the final bend though Sampson did a do or die dive at the leader and clattered him out of the way to come through and take the win with Wagstaff doing well to pick up the pieces and get across the line in second place.


190 John Wahstaff won heat 1 (Pic Kevin Wickham)


The final saw 190 an early casualty as 389 Ryan Santry crashed out hard with 106 Jamie Stafford. 638 Martin Bulldeath was the early leader as 156 Darren Goudy did an impersonation of a spinning top going down the back straight. 312 Neil Payne took over on the second lap as 420 Ivan Street went out. 377 Osler was put in the fence hard as 127 Steve McMillan hit the front on the fifth lap. 219 Luke Grief found himself spun out as 638 Martin Bulldeath went round again as well. 490 Ian Jarman clashed with both 511 Craig Barnett and 311 Steve Newman which did none of them any favours as 127 Steve McMillan continued with an extending lead. Former World Champion 120 Shane Brown had been moving through the pack well and with four laps to go he was up to second with 499 David Aldous getting past him a lap later. Up front 127 Steve was being caught as the pressure seemed to be getting to him and the two stars were catching. Entering the final lap they were all together and after clanging their way through turn one and two were joined by 641 Willie Skoyles going down the back straight who put in a super lunge to try and get rid of the top three. It nearly worked as everyone went crashing out and McMillan went down to fourth as Aldous nudged ahead but was attacked by Brown and Skoyles came down the inside but McMillan kept his foot down and battered his way through the carnage to win his first ever final. Skoyles crossed the line 0.172 seconds behind McMillan with Brown a further 0.93 seconds behind in what can only be described as a blanket finish!


127 Steve McMillan won the final (centre) from 641 Willie Skoyles jnr (Left) and 120 Shane Brown (right)


The Lady bangers completed the bill and their first race took place as a pre meeting one. 660 Bridgett Woolley was the early leader as 800 Alicia Greenslade powered round the outside to take the lead but not before being headed by 646 Ashleigh Reid who was the third leader by the time the first lap had ended. Reid continued in the lead with 96 Amber Daniels coming through into second place. 361 Zara Walden tangled with 258 Helen French as 300 Kiera Walden and 757 Zoe Alamey also found themselves in trouble. Up front Reid found trouble passing the backmarking 375 Lea Childerhouse and the close following 96 Amber Daniels also crashed out. 219 Vicky Hopkins then took up the running but two laps later handed the initiative to 150 Terri Mace as Hopkins crashed into the fence. As the lap boards came out Mace led from a fast closing 3 Danielle Hewitt and 361 Zara Walden. With a couple of laps to go mace slowed as battling backmarkers 300 Walden and 660 Woolley were in front of her which allowed 3 Hewitt to close right up entering the final lap but Hewitt was delayed spinning the backmarking 300 Walden as Hopkins once again spun which gave mace the breathing space she needed to take the win ahead of Hewitt and 362 Walden.


150 Terri Mace won the forst heat (Pic Kevin Wickham)

10 Charlotte Ward took the early lead in the second heat from 660 Bridgett Woolley and 757 Zoe Alamey. 300 Keira Walden clashed with 432 Cassie Smith as 219 Hopkins retired. Up front Holly Atter came through to second place but was well behind Ward who was driving with great composure and had built up a very useful lead. 432 Cassie Smith put 897 Abigail Smith in the fence hard which earned the former a disqualification and load up whilst up front Ward continued to extend her lead. Behind there was a great battle for second between 988 Atter, 150 Mace and 3 Hewitt which came down to the last bend where 150 Mace put in a big hit on 988 Atter with 3 Hewitt trying to take advantage and go up the inside. However Holly did well to hold on for second place with Terri taking her second podium spot in third place.

The final saw 219 Vicky Hopkins lead from the drop of the green being pursued by 660 Woolley and 10 Ward. Hopkins started to pull away up front as 10 Charlotte moved up to second where she was pursued by 96 Amber Daniels. 3 Danielle spun 660 Bridgett as 96 Amber closed on 10 Charlotte before retiring. As the race moved on 219 Vicky had escaped the attention of the pack but there was a great battle for second place involving 10 Ward, 988 Atter, 3 Hewitt and 213 Trudy Gowler. 10 Charlotte and 213 Trudy both clashed and were spun out as 3 Hewitt set about eradicating the lead which had been built up 219 Hopkins but Vicky produced a great drive to keep the charging star at bay and take a well deserved chequered flag with Danielle second and Holly completing the top three.


219 Vicky hopkins won the meeting final (centre) from 3 Danielle Hewitt (Right) and 988 Holly Atter (Left)


You will find it difficult to see a better stock car meeting with both the F1 Stock Cars and 2L Stock Cars producing none stop excellent action. The Lady Bangers – whilst not everyones cup of tea also produced great racing and for those fans who were not there to see them provided time for the Stock Car formulas to get repaired and did not prolong the time of the meeting at all. A big well done to all drivers of all three formulas for showcasing the very best about your formulas.


Click here for F1 and 2L Stock Car results

Heat 1

1st: TERRI MACE   2nd  3 DANIELLE HEWITT,3rd 361 ZARA WALDEN   96   646   95   219   10   988   213


Heat 2

1st 10 CHARLETTE WARD   2nd 988 HOLLY ATTER   3rd 150 TERRI MACE   477   362   95   660   375   300



1st 219 VICY HOPKINS   2nd 3 DANIELLE HEWITT   3rd 988 HOLLY ATTER   150   95   362   375   213   477   10



Kings Lynn 24th April 2010 - BriSCA F1's, Saloon Stox & Lady Bangers from Impact Videos KL on Vimeo.


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