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Kings Lynn 17th April 2010 - 2 Litre Bangers, F2's & 1300 Stox from Impact Videos KL on Vimeo.

 Video action from 17 April courtesy of impact Videos - You can order the dvd here

With several competing local meetings taking place a very impressive entry of just under 60 2L Bangers were in action for the third World Qualifier and White & Yellow Final at the Norfolk Arena on Saturday Night. The cars in action were standard fair although there were several fresh motors in action with 673 Darren and 675 Ian Fendley together with 7 Darren Burkitt and 70 Anthony Long amongst those debuting very smart offerings.


Another smart car from 70 Ant Long wich the Sheffield teenager put to great use


The first race for the 2L bangers was the White & Yellow Final which also doubled up as the first heat. The grid was formed with the top points scorers from the White & Yellow Series lined up with the top points scorers starting at the front of their grade. 639 Paul Vines hit the front as soon as the green flag fell and he was immediately followed by 70 Anthony Long as 236 Rob Everett delivered a cracking follow in on 149 Wayne Bailey. 333 James Cooke was spun out of contention as well as 673 Darren Fendley was also spun out by 375 Jamie Childerhouse amongst a hectic opening lap. A lap later a mini pile up developed on turn 3 which claimed 292 Keith Saunders and 233 Rob Aldridge amongst others. Up front Vines was being pursued by 390 David Gibson and these two had pulled clear of the pack up front. Vines lead lasted until the third lap when he was spn out by Gibson who moved well clear of the rest of the chasing pack headed by 70 Ant. 572 Paul Scully was making good progress from the blues but up front Gibbo kept his lead from the chasing pack whilst 639 Vines took the opportunity to spin out 238 Graham Garrod and in the closing stages of the race 236 Rob Everett pulled off another great follow in with 928 Richard Steele being the recipient on this occasion. 390 Gibbo took the flag and White & Yellows Final ahead of 70 Ant and 7 Darren “Mr Humpty” Burkitt with 236 Robbo taking the entertainers award.


390 David Gibson won the White & Yellow Series Final

The second heat for the bangers saw another very hectic start which saw 425 Martin “Mr Vauxhall” Stopher spin out whilst 858 James Bruce ran in 160 Shane Winsor and was then collected hard by 519 Lee “Mr Knuckles” Middleton. Middleton then delivered a big shot to 131 Ray Pursglove before 790 Nathan Young was spun out by 138 Jay Chilton who then delivered a big shot to 169 Lenny Brickley with the reds then being called to allow Len to be helped out safely from his car. The restart saw 519 Knuckles take the lead with 338 Terry Garrod pulling off a great follow in on 741 Luke Parfitt. 73 Dean Cruickshank then did a follow up ht on Parfitt through the back wheel. Up front 433 Ben Smith and 897 Matt Battle were enjoying a great fight for the lead and behind them there was a battle royale between the star names coming through the pack with 349 Michael Allard, 898 Andy Battle, 566 Tony Pallett and 348 Sonny “Mushy” Sherwood exchanging bumpers and place on each bend. 788 Dan Burton found himself wound at as the race came to an end whilst 88 Ashley Burton escaped the reds and found a way past the leading Smith with two laps to go to take the flag with 338 Terry Garrod taking the chequered flag.


247 Bro in action


Another hectic start in the consolation saw 138 Jay Chilton deliver a big hit to 788 Dan Burton whilst 238 Graham Garrod was spun out by 715 Mick Prince. 99 Ricky Garrod took the lead as 519 Knuckles spun out 695 Mark Mason. 663 Ryan Hill then went into the back of the returning 238 Garrod with the stricken Garrod machine then receiving a savage t bone which saw the race stopped with Graham in distress and declared with 99 Ricky Garrod taking a victory at his very first meeting.


99 Ricky Garrod following a win in the consolation which was at his very first meeting.


The final was open to qualifiers only and saw 519 Knuckles and 639 Stick battle for the lead as soon as the green flag fell. 236 Robbo was the first driver who found himself facing the wrong way courtesy of 675 Ian Fendley. 338 Garrod attacked 566 Tomy Pallett as 663 Hill found himself being blown up. 433 Ben Smith buried 389 Charlie Garrod with 99 Ricky Garrod going in for a revenge shot on 433 Smith. Up front Vines had shaken off the attention of Knuckles and was up front alone as 675 Fendley spun round 99 Garrod. 695 Mark Mason was wound out by 70 Anthony Long as 898 Andy Battle found himself under attack from 47 Chris Malkin whilst 73 Dean cruickshanks was hitting anything in front of him! 119 Davey “Cruncher” Cox pulled off a cracking follow in to a pile up on 785 Brendan Bird with 519 Knuckles scoring a shot on the stricken Bird machine. The reds then came out for 99 Ricky Garrod who was causing concern in the pile up. Once he was out the race resumed with 639 Vines still up front but his advantage had now been eradicated with the stoppage. On the restart 349 Michael Allard who was on a serious charge from the back of the pack spun around 673 Darren Fendley and the leading Vines was put away by 390 Gibbo who inherited the lead. Allard was continuing to move menancingly through the pack and put away 70 Ant on his charge through the grid whilst 898 Andy Battle met 639 Vines on the nose. With three laps to go 390 Gibbo blew up and retired and the impressive 897 Matt Battle hit the front from 675 Ian Fendley and a rapidly closing 349 Allard. A lap later Allard was challenging for the lead and he leant Battle into the fence who also spun and was left with nothing to show for a great drive. Allard went on to win from 675 Fendley and 348 Mushy with 730 Mazie firing in 47 Chris Malkin as he crossed the line. 119 Davey Cox won the entertainer award.


349 Michael Allard following his final success


There was another good field for the All Comers which started with 131 Ray Pursglove leading them off and being pursued by the Cruickshank brother duo of 73 Dean and 83 Liam. 611 Joe “The Young Postman” Geeves found himself fired in by 60 Kyle Sevenson whilst 311 Garry Lown and 663 Ryan Hill both found themselves spun out. Up front Pursglove was still leading from Dean Cruickshank until the latter followed in the former with a cracking shot on the third lap. 70 Ant blew up 663 Hill with a big hit as 247 Lee “Bro” Clarke found himself riding the wall after an altercation with 791 Nicky “Spud” Young. 88 Ash Burton then found himself taken around as 73 Crucko put in 858 James Bruce. 70 Ant then scored a good hit on Bruce with 525 Wes Starmer coming in with a good revenge shot on 70 Ant with 338 Garrod in turn blowing up Starmer with 160 Winsor scoring a good shot on the back of Garrod. Up front Crucko had been putting an entertaining performance spinning and hitting anything in front of him until the hit on Bruce saw him motionless. It was then left to 348 Mushy to hit the front whose every move was being tracked by 119 Cruncher. That’s how it stayed until the end despite Cruncher doing everything he could to get past Mushy on the last lap. 73 Dean Cruickshanks won the entertainer award.


663 Ryan Hill blows up 791 Nicky "Spud" Young


The Destruction Derby began in manic fashion with several big hits going in straight away. 791 Spud managed a good hit on 611 The Young Postman with 70 ant then blowing 791 Spud up big style. 663 Hill then fired in on Spud and was then stopped by a big hit from 73 Crucko. 247 Bro scored a good hit on 83 Liam Cruickshank with 70 then finishing off 663 Hill. 525 Starmer then blew up 611 Geeves with 433 Ben Smith finishing 83 Liam Cruickshanks with a shot through the back wheel. 785 Brendan Bird was blown up by the impressive 70 Ant with 525 Wes hitting 433 Smith who also then received a shot through the back wheel from 73 Crucko. 525 Wes Starmer then did 311 Garry Lown head on with 525 Wes and 247 Bro left to battle it out. After exchanging several shot Bro was left with no steering and Wes without much power. Eventually both managed a few more shots but neither could completely kill the others car and the DD was declared a draw with 70 Ant winning the entertainers award.


791 Spud's impressive Sierra wreck


A good field of 26 1300 Stock Cars also produced some fantastic action. The first heat began with 276 Ray Cutting being spun around with 351 Gavin Mason also encountering problems as 275 Matthew Roberts and 347 Sam Reynolds battled for the lead. 126 Tom Longhurst was moving well and spun out 180 Karl Scott with 340 Wesley Freestone coming off worst as several drivers went for the same piece of track and ended up stranded by the fence and 14 Anthony Heathway ended up facing the wrong way round. 275 Roberts was continuing well up front was 308 Alec Hannay spun out the returning 340 Freestone and 851 Adam Storr was spun out by 347 Sam Reynolds. Up front Roberts had built a long lead over Longhurst but with three laps to go Roberts pulled off and Tom inherited the lead. 142 Lee Farell had made his way up to second with 33 Warren Porter starting to move stylishly through the pack. Nobody could catch the flying Longhurst though and looked unlikely to do so when the race was declared early after 14 Anthony Hampstead performed a big rollover.

110 Chris Lowie was an early casualty in the second heat with heat one winner Longhurst and 851 Adam Storr also spinning out on the first lap. The returning Storr found himself in more trouble as 18 Stuart Parnell was wound out by 447 Richard Hampshire and 236 Stuart Sharpe found himself being spun out and hitting the marker tyres hard. Up front 347 Sam Reynolds was the early race leader before 240 Todd Shales hit the front on the fourth lap. Shales went on to build up a big lead from 142 Lee Farrell with 385 Roy “Boy” Gedge then coming through into second place and starting to close on the leader when he retired with engine problems. 33 Warren Porter then started to once again make impressive progress and was the most eye catching of the stars as he came through to second place. With a couple of laps to go Porters engine started to go sick although he determinedly weaved his way through the last lap to keep second whilst Shales took an impressive win. Farrell was spun out of a top five place yards from the flag but still managed a top place crossing the line backwards.


1300 Stock Car action involving 851 Adam Storr, 126 Tom Longhurst & 347 Sam Reynolds


A damaging night took its toll on the grid with less than half the cars making it out for the final. 275 Mathew Roberts was again the early leader before he retired after two laps which handed the lead to heat 2 winner Shales who took a comfortable victory chased home by 447 Richard Hampshire.

With a World Qualifier taking place for the F2s at Birmingham, a smaller than usual entry was in action at Lynn. There were some star names though which surprised many in choosing Lynn as the track to race at including points champion 38 David Polley and star 186 George Turricki. A two thirds format was used with an all in final.

588 Matt Pettitt was the early leader in the first heat from 595 Jamie Young. 507 Craig McNerney was the first casualty as he spun out as 355 Danny Chapman had a ride on the wild side as he tangled with Dutch visitor H277 Ronald Claes as Pettitt continued well up front. At the half way stage though 662 Steve Wycherley hit the front as 260 Anthony Winters collected 145 Graham mole who was stranded by the pit gate and at the same time 606 Andrew Palmer who had worked his way into third place retired. Wycherley was chased by 798 Mark Sargeant and with five laps to go Sargeant hit the front as Wycherly drifted wide. On the last lap, 186 Turricki moved into second place and tried to charge down the leading Sargeant but was too far back.

588 Matt Pettitt once again seized the initiative to lead the second heat as 515 Lee Veall ended up in the fence as his steering arm collapsed. 597 Barry Clow found himself in trouble early on as 507 McNerney once again found himself spun around. 291 Craig Tomblin was soon on a big charge from the yellows and he hit the front on the sixth lap, easing past the leading Pettitt. 433 Steve Lillley was spun out on the home straight as 38 David Polley looked in danger of rolling over as he climber all over the fence on the back straight. 507 McNerney once agin became knotted up as H277 Ronald Claes found himself bouncing high in the air after hitting a marker tyre and bouncing into the traffic and being collected by 186 George Turricki who continued racing with aerofoil damage. With five laps to go 291 Tomblin was still leading but being chased by 19 Martin Ford who was closing on the leader. With three laps to go though it was Turricki who was once again flying through the pack – he came through and took second place from Ford on the last lap but Tomblin kept his nerve to stay ahead and take the flag.

548 Martin Lowe hit the front in the early stages in the third heat but was passed at the end of the first lap by Tomblin who got a lightening start from the yellows. 595 Jamie Young caused problems for other drivers when he was stranded across the track on the second lap but soon got himself going as drivers took avoiding action. 19 Martin Ford once again emerged as the initial main challenger and he gradually ate into Tomblin’s lead and had a couple of attempts at getting past until he managed to finally do so with three laps to go. Tomblin was not going to give up the race easily though and immediately had a dig straight back and forced his way back to the front but the compliment was repaid at the next bend as ford went back to the front. While the lower graders were squabbling though it gave the stars a chance to close and with two laps to go 702 Allen Cooper and 744 Tom Smart were mixing it in with ford and Tomblin and it was Cooper who came through to take the flag, surviving a last bend attack from Ford.

588 Pettit was the early leader in the final before 226 Billy Webster hot the front on the second lap. 19 Martin Ford once again emerged as the principal challenger and just as he was getting in a position to challenge for his second final on the trot he slowed dramatically and pulled off with three laps to go. This left Webster with a big advantage over 702 Allen Cooper and 606 Andrew Palmer but the stars were never going to get to the flying yellow top who took a well deserved final win.


186 George Turricki and 606 Andrew Palmer battle in the F2 Stock Cars


588 Pettit once again was the early leader in the Grand National as 507 Craig McNerney once again spun out on the first lap. 260 Anthony Winters and 630 Justin Parker tangled and hit the fence hard and a lap later the first caution of the night for the F2 was called for to help Parker out of his car. Petitt led from the restart but his lead lasted only two laps before 744 Tom Smart swept to the front with the caution period greatly benefitting the stars. He was soon followed through by fellow reds 186 Turricki, 606 Palmer and 702 Cooper but Smart had grabbed the initiative on his rivals and he held the lead until the flag fell. 702 Cooper put the bumper in on 606 Palmer entering the final lap to move into third place. Palmer did his very best to repay the favour on the final bend but he failed to connect.


744 Tom Smart following his Grand National Win


As a domestic meeting the night gave far more action than could have been expected beforehand with the bangers in particular producing some highly rated racing and action with the unfortunate injury to 238 Graham Garrod being the only down point on what was a great night of racing from all three formulas on action.



2L Bangers

White & Yellow Final (Heat 1)

Winner - 390 DAVID GIBSON    2nd: 70 Anthony Long  3rd: 07 Darren Burkitt

572  639  675  389  47  785  673

Entertainer - 236 Rob Everett


Heat 2

WINNER - 88 ASHLEY BURTON    2nd: 433 Ben Smith   3rd: 897 Matt Battle

525   898   349   566   119   730   348

Entertainer: 338 Terry Garrod



WINNER - 99 RICKY GARROD    2nd 519 Lee Middleton   3rd 695 Mark Mason

663  310   233   292   785   673   247



WINNER - 349 MICHAEL ALLARD   2nd 675 Ian Fendley   3rd 348 Sonny Sherwood   4th 673 Darrem Fendley   5th 338 Terry Garrod   6th 525 Wesley Starmer

566   247   88   47

Entertainer - 119 Davey Cox


All Comers

WINNER - 348 SONNY SHERWOOD    2nd 119 Davey Cox    3rd 50 Simon West

88   715   60   433   247   525   791

Entertainer - 73 Dean Cruickshanks



WINNER - tie Between 247 LEE CLARKE & 525 WES STARMER - Entertainer - 70 Ant Long


1300 Stock Cars

Heat 1

WINNER - 126 TOM LONGHURST    2nd: 142 Lee Farrell    3rd: 110 Chris Lowie

240   33   851   447   673   385   216


Heat 2

WINNER - 240 TODD SHALES   2nd: 33 Warren Porter   3rd: 447 Richard Hampshire

216   316   351   18   473   142   308



WINNER: 240 TODD SHALES   2nd 447 Richard Hampshire   3rd 351 Gavin Mason

473   18   216   316


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