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22/03/2010 11:43


BriSCA F2 Stock Cars will return to the Norfolk Arena, for their second fixture at Kings Lynn for this season.

The winner of the opening date was 507 Craig McInerney, and that victory was enough to clinch his return to the ‘B’ grade, and he will consequently be wearing a yellow roof when he takes his place on the grid.

After one Kings Lynn meeting, McInerney shares the lead in the Track Championship with National Points Champion 38 David Polley, who again plans to be present. The entry also includes World of Shale Champion 606 Andrew Palmer, former Novice of the Year 186 George Turricki and top stars such as 871 Mark Simpson, 78 Henry King, and one star name who missed the opening Kings Lynn – former World Champion 401 Barry Goldin.

388 ian Mallinson, 125 Craig Kendall and 431 Andy Gibbs, who were each disappointed to have had to make late cancellations from the 6 March fixture, are due to make their first Kings Lynn appearances of the season.

369 Ben Atkinson, who won the start of meeting White & Yellow grade race, but who then rolled over in the meeting final, is set to head back to East Anglia from his north west base. 335 Danny Chapman will travel from the same area, in order to make his track debut.

 Currently over 40 F2 Stock Cars are booked to race. Some drivers seem to think they booked for this when they booked in for the opener and they didn’t so an early list of bookings has been put on line. Drivers do not appear below but wish to race should book in as soon as possible. Please note that bookings close on Wednesday night and any driver not booked in will not be allowed to race should they turn up “on spec”.

Current list of F2 Stock Cars booked (As of 22/3/10)

National Points Champion – Silver Roof

38        Dave Polley                             Manea            


Superstar – Red Roof & Flashing Lights

78        Henry King                             Wisbech         

606      Andrew Palmer                       Peterborough


Star Grade – red Roof

186      George Turricki                       Kettering        

401      Barry Goldin                           Bolton

702      Allen Cooper                           Huntingdon

871      Mark Simpson                         Skegness



A Grade Blue Top

70        Brian Shadbolt                        Evesham                     

145      Graham Mole                          Lincoln                       

198      Paul Nicholson                        Sleaford                     

260      Anthony Winter                      Wisbech         

377      Daz Shaw                                Castleford      

379      Stuart Cayzer                          Saffron Walden

388      Ian Mallinson                          Chester           

392      Mark Short                              Spalding         

469      Ian Chalkley                            Stevenage       

495      John Cayzer                            Saffron Walden

573      Jonathan Upchurch                 March

742      Nick Rogers                            Shepherd

782      Stuart Rolph                            Cambridge

798      Mark Sargeant                         Spalding


B Grade – Yellow Roof

125      Craig Kendall                          Bradford 

150      Mark Thoms                            Darlington

H277   Ronald Claes                           Winssen, Netherlands

291      Craig Tomblin                         Spalding         

431      Andy Gibbs                            Warwick

448      John Wright                            Chesterfield

488      Liam Bentham                                    Chorley

498      Derek Cayzer                          Saffron Walden         

515      Lee Veall                                 Skegness

589      Colin Eardley                          Stoke                          

597      Barry Clow                             Spalding                     



C Grade – White Top

234      Daryl Edwards                        Northampton

335      Danny Chapman                     Blackburn

369      Ben Atkinson                          Blackpool       

423      Neil Derby                              Immingham

434      Mark Gardiner                                    Coventry

482      Dale Seneschall                       Boston

507      Craig McNermy                      Stoke

574      Josh Harlock                           March

588      Matt Pettitt                             Boreham Wood                      

595      Jamie Young                           Coventry

728      Carl Pilkington                        Lancs




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