Distributer Guards

16/04/2010 14:33

Please note that with immediate effect, distributer guards will not be allowed in Unlimited Bangers at domestic meetings. In the past this has been allowed at King’s Lynn on forward facing distributers only as a local rule but has been outside the general ORC Rules. Distributer guards will though still be allowed to use at the Icebreaker Team Meeting as a special one off meeting.

The ORC are continuing in their aim to make Banger Specs universal around all member tracks which is a measure fully supported by Trackstar.

It may well be that Distributer Guards are brought in as part of the general ORC Banger Rules for 2011 and any driver who would like to see this or who has any other thoughts on what they would like to see in the ORC Rules for next year should contact the Promotion Direct – in particular Neil Hurst who will be attending an ORC specification meeting in July on behalf of the promotion.

The ORC do want input from all drivers who make up our sport and you are encouraged to let Neil know your thoughts which he will then pass onto other ORC members when they meet.


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