Colliver to have a shot at BriSCA F1

04/04/2011 18:27


The performance of former Spedeworth Champion and current B Grade 2L Stock Car Driver 184 Marty Colliver was one of the big positives of Saturday night with the Morden race ace taking the chequered flag in the first heat and then looking every inch a star grade driver in the English Championship where he came very close to pulling off a shock win when he led the race until the last 50 metres when Webster forced a way past.

Part of the prize for winning this year's English Championship is a chance to race a BriSCA Formula 1 Stock Car. The Matt Newson hire car which was used by both Matt and 464 Luke Davidson on shale last season has been booked for 28th May when the F1 Stock Cars are in action at Lynn in a World Qualifier together with the 2L Stock Cars also being at Lynn - and you can bet there will be quite a few jealous Saloon drivers watching Colliver - who is hoping to race both formulas that night - in action!

There will also be a rather jealous Saloon English Champion in Spain with Shaun Webster unable to take a drive he woul love to do due to being on his stag do!

Congratulations go to Marty and we look forward to seeing him in action in an F1 soon!

POWER UPGRADE - 184 Marty Colliver will be in action in an F1 Stock Car at the Norfolk Arena soon!



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