Allard Extends Lead

19/04/2010 19:54

A final win for 349 Michael Allard has seen him extend his lead in the 2L Banger World Series and he now has almost double the points of second placed 572 Paul Scully.

Allard's performance also sees him as the first leader of the National Points and come 1st May he will be racing under the flashing lights for the first time. Also moving up to Superstar for the first time since joining Trackstar is 348 Sonny "Mushy" Sherwood who also had a good night last Saturday.

285 Sean "Mr Misery" Dyer makes red for the first time and making blue for the first time after some great early season displays are 639 Paul "Stick" Vines, 389 Charlie Garrod and former RDC driver 897 Matt Battle.

The white and yellow series is led by 285 Sean Dyer with Vines and Battl well placed.

88 Ashley Burton had a good night in the 2L Bangers and moves into second place in the visitors championship which is still led by 100 Callum White.

385 Roy Gedge has moved to Superstar for the first time in the 1300 Stock Cars with 240 Todd Shales also moving to red for the first time and 142 Lee Farrell moving up to blue.



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