237 Lee Millhouse

20/03/2011 20:11


237 Lee Millhouse was taken to hospital following Saturday's Unlimited Banger East Anglian Final after taking a very heavy, accidental drivers' dooring.

Following some fantastic work by the Paramedics on duty at the stadium, stadium rescue team and the Emergency Services, Lee was carefully removed from his vehicle and transfered to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn.

X Rays on Saturday Night revealed no broken bones and Lee was hoping to be discharged on Sunday Morning but after being kept under observation on Saturday Night the doctors wanted to send Lee for some brain scans. These have revealed there is no bleeding or serious damage and Lee has now been released from hospital.

Lee will still have to undergo a more thorough MRI scan withing the next week which looks at the brain in more detail at his local hospital. This is a fairly standard procedure after being unconscious for the length of time which Lee was and along with everyone else in the Banger Racing World we wish Lee all of the best with that.

Lee and his family would like to thank the stadium paramedics and rescue team and emergency services together with the staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and all fans and fellow drivers who have sent messages of support.

The hour and a half delay which ensured Lee was removed as safe from his car as possible did result in some races beng cancelled which Trackstar would like to apologise for but we hope that everyone will understand the reason behind this.


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